Bespoke Fashion for little girls from the house of Pa:Paa

All things Bespoke

All things Bespoke

Pa:Paa is the bespoke fashion label of the sister duo Pragati Arora and Priyanka Arora. Interestingly their intials make up their brand name! The brand was born out of the desire to dress up little girls in handcrafted, stylish and comfortable clothes for special occasions.



With an 18 year experience in fashion and retail, these ladies realised that there was a need gap in the occasion wear space and decided to offer a brand that captured the free spirit and innocence of childhood.

With an initial launch in Facebook and Instagram only, Pa:Paa will now be available at the plush concept store Dolled & Dapper in Bandra. They also ship their pretty packages pan India and take a maximum of 15 days to get a handcrafted dress ready for your little girl.  To place an order for their creations, you need to connect with them on one of their social media handles.




Their recent Autumn-Winter collection features playful silhouettes, ornate embellishments and whole of of comfort to keep your little princess happy this festive. season.

When traditional meets cute – Kids jewellery by Doodles

Right in time for the festive season we bring you the story of a brand that promises to change how you look at buying gifts for our little daughters and nieces or for that big birthday party your kid has been invited to.
All of 23 years Purvi Sanghavi is the brain behind Doodles.
DOODLES is the first of its kinds exclusive Indian brand that caters to the niche market segment of children’s jewellery. This special luxury collection is especially designed and handcrafted from only the finest precious metals. Each unique and diversified “Doodles” keepsake is made from 18k gold with quality craftsmanship.

image image

Every Doodles is exquisite and diverse. Each item is delicate hand enamelled with vibrant colours to create the perfect jewel exclusively for your child. Additionally a few things are standardised and guaranteed. The jewellery is child safe, lead free, feather light and hassle free with a guaranteed buyback in the future. MBCI founder and chief blogger, Rini received the cherry earrings and her daughter fell in love with it. It was traditional yet stylish. Beautiful and fun. They make other ornaments as well like Rings, pendant, bracelets, kadas etc.

image imageWe asked Purvi about the inspiration behind the brand and here’s what she said, “We live in a society where gifting is a very vital aspect of every occasion. A lot of time, effort and money goes into gifting someone something special. Everyone just has three generic goals while gifting: The gift should stand out from the rest, should be useful to the person and should be value for money.
Being a confused soul for the longest time for what to give the babies and seeing numerous people gifting them gold coins or yellow and black bead balls kadlis or chain. I decided why not give them something equally precious yet age appropriate and more importantly useful, wearable and stylish.
Because it’s not only about the giver but it’s what you gift that makes you standout.”

You can follow their Facebook page to stay updated on their latest creations and designs.


Connect with your child by listening to them.

Little N loves to be carried around. I mean , he will never walk when we are out and I get really irritated at this. So the other day while I was picking him up unwillingly my husband remarked that there will be a day when he would not want to be picked up anymore and we won’t even realise of all the missed opportunities. And I was like Yes!!! You are so true .

listen to your kids


We often let our lives get in the way of becoming a parent. Our day starts with dropping off the kids to school , heading to the office. By the end of the day when we pick them up, the things that are most on our minds aren’t the kids but the events of the day. We don’t think about the fact that our kids have also had a full day that, in their mind, is both more stressful and more important than ours. We don’t think about the fact that for them every day brings new experiences, both good and bad, new adventures, and new accomplishments.

Children implicitly look at us as role models. We are to be studied, analysed, imitated, and emulated. They look to us for validation and want our approval. They want to know that they are an important part of our lives just as we are an important part of theirs.

But this does not end here, We need to be involved like truly involved with them.Cause you won’t even realise when their childish innocence will be gone so Hug your child every day, tell them how much you love them , play silly games with them, have a pillow fight, dance on your favourite tune, pick them up when they ask you too and sometimes when they don’t.

Keep it between you and me, I feel I am not a good mom because I get really impatient on small stuff. I mean I try to listen, give my time but honestly I have other things running on my mind.So,to get out of the guilt and like really give him my time I have decided he will have at least half an hour twice a day my undivided attention. A Time when the T.V., phone, iPad are put away. Just the two of us!!!

I don’t know how far this resolution goes, but for now, I am really excited and I plan up things which we will be doing and look forward to it . Like yesterday we went out for an ice cream and had a blast on our way back.

listen and connect with your child, parenting tips ,good parenting skills


You should check my Instagram account , to find out how much fun the two of us have.

Do you feel you are listening enough to your kid? Do you spend that quality time with your child? Would love to hear from you….


#ExpertsSpeak – Newborn photography guide for parents who love to click!

Newborn photography is the most beautiful way to document the arrival of your little one. Did you know that the best time to capture a newborn is within the first two weeks after birth as then you can get those adorable poses while the baby sleeps soundly! We have Ankit Chawla a celebrated professional newborn and maternity photographer from Delhi, here on MBCI #ExpertsSpeak, to tell us how parents themselves can click some stunning newborn photos. You can see more of Ankit’s beautiful work on his Instagram page.

Ankit Chawla

Ankit Chawla

Ankit says:

“Welcoming your newborn to your family is one of the most beautiful feelings. You make so many preparations, you shop a lot and you do everything possible to make your newborn feel comfortable in your surroundings. While they grow up really fast, its important for you to capture all the sweetness while they are still tiny.

While some of the mothers book a professional well in advance, while some may get excited to the idea of capturing their little ones on their own.

I would love to share some tips and ideas to create a beautiful imagery on your own so that you don’t miss out on capturing the growing up years of your precious ones.

1. Relax

While you are recovering from your child birth experience, take enough time to rest and recover. Do not rush to finish everything in one day. Children are sensitive enough to sense your exhaustion and anxiety and this may spoil your experience. Take it easy. Don’t over stress yourself. If you’re relaxed you can create a variety of imagery for your newborn.


2. Gear

Im often asked this question a lot. Which equipment to buy, what camera settings etc. Use the gear that you’re comfortable using on your own. Your phone camera (yes, you read it right), even a good phone camera is capable of producing great imagery. You don’t need an expensive camera to do so. All you need is a simple gear and all the LOVE for your newborn can inspire you enough to capture this new phase of your life in the best possible way.

3. Safety

Many of us want to recreate those difficult looking poses or use the props we see online. Keep your baby’s safety as number one priority. Remember that professionals have a way of handling the baby and a few images are made up using composites (editing). Do not try those difficult poses at home. There’s still a lot that you can achieve at home.

4. Tiny details

Put those little fingers, tiny toes, button nose, rosebud lips at top of your checklist. These are the little things that make your baby unique and you will not like to forget those.

© Giggles Photography

© Giggles Photography

5. Get creative

Use props and backdrops and you don’t need to spend any extra buck to source those from the market. Use your newborn blankets as back drops. Use that sweater that your grandmom must have knitted with all the love. Take pictures of the hospital wrist tag that your baby wore in the hospital.
Swaddle your bundle of joy in your scarves and stoles while you capture them.

© Giggles Photography

© Giggles Photography

6. Include your family

The most endearing photographs are made while the father is trying to burp the baby or while the grandmom is trying to soothe the crying baby.

7. Include yourself

It may not be easy to do it on your own. Get help from your family members or friends. Trust me, no one cares if you haven’t shed your pregnancy weight or if you look tired. Just do it. Your child will feel great looking at those pictures once he/she grows up.

8. Dont Forget to Print

No wonder digital photography has made it easy for us to make pictures, it has also deprived us from the joy of holding a real image. Also, you never know you may accidentally lose that data. Make sure you print those photos and store those in a photoalbum.

Photographing your baby on your own may get a little challenging but it can get equally rewarding. The photos taken by you or your husband will always have that love and sensitivity in them that no one else can ever achieve.”

#ExpertsSpeak – Making your toddler eat healthy


Samreedhi Goel

Samreedhi Goel

Samreedhi Goel is a supermom to twin girls, founder of SizeWise – The Fitness Studio and nutritionist for Kelloggs India. She shares few important pointers on making our toddlers eat healthy on the MBCI #ExpertsSpeak series.

Samreedhi Says:

“- Avoid too many processed foods and give more whole grains. Not only will whole grains give sustained energy and provide nutrients but it will help u establish ground rules early on for your child. It is very difficult to unlearn bad habits. Choose your child’s indulgences sparingly so they too understand what unhealthy choices are.
–  Make food attractive: If the look of the food itself appeals to your child half your work is done. Not only will they want to eat it but it will help u to make them start self-feeding as well. Presenting it in a different plate or cup or even adding colour to preparations using the natural colour of greens or beetroot can up their interest and nutrient level!
– Fix a routine and give food at regular intervals.Kids are not like adults. Anticipation does not make them hungrier. It will make them crankier and probably bring on a tantrum. Give them their 4 meals at around the same time daily and keep the in between snacks very light so they are hungry at meal times.
– Don’t give snacks 1 hour before meals: Some people may advise u that whatever the child asks for himself is what you should give him. However imagine if we allowed our kids to make all the choices themselves! I genuinely avoid keeping food I don’t want them to eat where they have easy access. I prefer to let them build an appetite for both lunch and dinner!
– Understand that toddlers will not eat same quantities u do. Around 1/4 to 1/2 of the quantity an adult eats is usually enough for a child. Trying to overfeed or force feed your child can actually have a negative effect and make them prone to obesity later in life!
– Include variety: Every child does not have the same palate. As a mother to twins I know that better than anyone! Taste preferences change over the months. Give them different foods in creative combinations, allowing them to appreciate variety i.e. instead of giving them the usual rice with panir and veggies mixing it all and making cutlets perks up their interest!
– Avoid giving sugary food as a quick fix option. Sugar and Salt are two things that once your palate gets used to too much of really dims your appreciation for other flavours.Don’t overdo cakes, chocolates and biscuits. Instead make easy to store dry snacks for them at home which you can offer like cheese sticks made with whole wheat flour or laddus made with dry fruits!
– Maintain an eating journal: Writing down what your child eats daily will help identify what they may be missing out on and help you come up with innovative ways to make it a part of their diet.”
You can follow Samreedhi’s journey on her Instagram  page.

#ExpertsSpeak – Top 7 points on how to buy/create that perfect dress for your little girl

This is our favourite time of the year as it is the most festive and we get to dress the little ones in beautiful attires! Here we have Founder and designer, Nishita Toprani of Little Pixie Share some expert tips on how to dress your little girl keeping these following aspects in mind.

Nishita: “When Mom Bloggers Club India reached out to us to about our idea of how to dress little girls in a trendy yet comfortable way, we could not have been happier to share our story.
Growing up, most of us were dressed for birthdays or special occasions in over-the-top, frilly and frumpy dresses that were usually made of heat trapping polyester and were not pleasant to wear at all.
Today, we have so many more options when it comes to party or occasion wear that will make your little girl look like the princess she is, and also keep her comfortable and happy at the same time.


The beautiful Rosewater dress from the house of Little Pixie

Here is a little bit we can share about what to look for when buying or having a custom designed dress for your little girl:

  • Comfort is key. A comfortable baby is a happy one, and a special occasion is meant to be enjoyed in the happiest of moods.
  •  Always check the inside of the dress to make sure it is lined with cotton (preferably pre washed cotton for extra softness and no shrinkage post washing), as opposed to polyester so you know that its not trapping heat and moisture inside the dress.
  • Run your fingers down the side seams of the dress to ensure nothing is poking out that can rub against her delicate skin.
  •  Pick something that is as light and as airy as possible and that won’t weigh her down when she wants to play or twirl.
  •  Sometimes its nice to dress her in an ‘over the top’ dress that makes her look like a little princess all dressed up, but it may not necessarily be comfortable. Keeping a back-up or alternate dress that is lighter and easier to wear so that she can slip into later on is always a great option.
  • In terms of colours, we love fresh pastels party dresses or even deep, rich jewel tones.
  •  If you are looking at a theme based dress (like the ever so popular Princess Elsa or Sofia), we recommend having a princess ‘inspired’ dress, so that it does not turn out costume like and can be worn over and over again.
The blue China dress from the house of Little Pixie

The China blue dress from the house of Little Pixie


Remember Mummies, your little one will have nothing but lovely memories of all her birthdays or special occasions if she is happy and comfortable in what she is wearing!”

The brand Little Pixie, is a designer clothing label for little girls aged 6 months to 7 years, and their primary focus has always been on absolute comfort, practicality and wearability in our clothes.

A touch of traditional- The Zoya dress

A touch of traditional- The Zoya dress

Why Weekly Toys is our favourite new toy library in Delhi/NCR!


When mompreneur Anandita Gopikrishnan had a baby, she realised two things, one that little ones get bored of their old toys easily and look for new ones, two that toys take up space, a lot of space in the house! This thought inspired her to come up with this brilliant idea of setting up a bank or library where children can choose from a variety of toys every week on a rental basis, hence Weekly Toys was born!

When MBCI member and supermom to a one year old munchkin, Swati got a chance to experience Weekly Toys for a month, she was very impressed with their product quality and services. Here’s what she thinks,

“Picture this, variety of toys and a clean house ??
New toy every week without spending a bomb?

Have I gone mad? no! Why ?? Weekly toys is here! Many a times I silently wished if I could rent a few toys to see how my son responds to them.
Instead of buying a toy only to realise later that it has become a permanent address to a spider !
And there are many toys that meet such fate. Either we give them away or they just keep lying in a corner.

A child likes what he likes and we can not force them to play with toys just because we have spent money on them , and few toys are indeed expensive 🙁

So my wish was granted by Weekly Toy  with an amazing concept of one toy one week.

High quality products from Weekly Toys

High quality products from Weekly Toys

image image image

1) How it works: it’s extremely simple . All one needs to do is create an account with them on their Website
choose the toys u feel is appropriate for your child , according to age and interest
pay a security amount (which is refundable ) and a monthly rent
In my case I paid 600/- as rent
For 4 toys of my choice !!!
That’s all. Once you have used the toy , it will picked up and the new one will be handed over .

2) Quality of toys: I would say its perfect. Neat clean, no bruises, no scratches, it comes neatly packaged to your door step . Toys comes with batteries . Delivery guy will help you assemble the toy in case there is a need .

3) Customer Service:They are contactable on phone , and also Whatsapp .You can tell them the schedule in which you would like to receive toys.The delivery and pick up of toys I rented was timely.In fact I wasn’t expecting the Delivery guy to turn up in heavy rains , but he did !!

4) Variety :They have something for every child , from strollers to walkers to light and music toys .One can find gender specific toys as well. It’s difficult to keep ur cart empty.
Toys are categorised on the basis on age and brand .

5) value for money: yes yes yes !! In 600/- I got 4 toys , new each week ..
Plus I saved on space which is precious in flats! What more can I ask for ?In case your little one really likes the rented toy, you can always go in store and purchase it!

6) Would I recommend: Absolutely, Go create a log in right now .. And treat ur child!Save money, Save the time you would spend in stores hunting for toys. Save all of that. And sit back and relax!”

We thank Ghaziabad based mom Swati Sehgal for this honest review and Anandita for her vision! You can follow Weekly Toys on Instagram to get all the updates.

A Road Full Of Stars!!

I was carrying my baby in my arms with my husband walking beside me that night. We were coming back from dinner. This place was near our guest house so we decided to walk down but didn’t realize it would be pitch black while coming back as there were no streetlights in that patch of road that could be measured in time- a 15 minutes walk. Our guest house was in between a lot a farms and patches of forest. And there I was carrying a sleeping baby and my husband holding me by my waist. The moonlight helped us see enough to know that we were walking on the road. Bushes on both sides of the road. I was scared of only one thing- no insect should attack my child as they would have been wild and poisonous. After around 3 minutes of walk I noticed something beautiful. Little lights dancing around us among the bushes. At first they were few in number but as we progressed they made the road look decorated with twinkling lights. They were the fireflies! We were amazed looking at this wonderful sight. A part of me wanted to stop and admire those dancing beauties but other part of me wanted to run away from that dark dangerous road. Nature is truly amazing and it will always surprise you when you doubt it. We walked and everything around me seemed to move in slow motion. The fireflies made that path look as if I was walking amidst the stars. Sounds of peacocks in the background. It was eerily breathtaking environment around us. Darkness all around as if the nature had wrapped us in its thick invisible  blanket. This sight full of magic made me praise those fireflies for making that walk back home a memorable one.

This Mom turns famous characters into food art!

Simba ©

Simba ©

Kids can be fussy and picky eaters and as parents we sometimes get really worried and wonder how can we get them to eat their vegetables and fruits!
We came across this insanely talented supermom from Melbourne,Australia, Laleh Mohmedi’s story who with her immense creativity turns her kids plate into a work of art using healthy and nutritious food items! Think sponge bob square pants and E.T on your plate and other popular animated charterers which look too pretty to eat!

It all started with Laleh transforming her son’s pancakes into a lion and posting it on her Facebook page for which she got an overwhelming response from her friends. This encoraged her to create ‘Jacob s Food Diaries’ on Instagram which gained immense popularity in a short time. Laleh has worked with Jamie Oliver, Disney, Westfield and Wonderful Pistachios for creations for children of all ages.

Articles have been written globally about Laleh’s creations including Time, The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, The Mirror and many more.
We bet Jacob, her son looks forward to his mealtimes every single day. Lots of motivation for us moms who are looking for ideas that will help make meal time fun.
Sharing some of her brilliant creations,

Elsa ©

Elsa ©

Mickey Mouse ©

Mickey Mouse ©



You can follow her on Instagram  and treat your eyes to some incredible work of art. To get step by step tutorials for the dishes you can follow her Blog  as well.

MBCI Reviews: Manasi Bunglow, Lonavla

Entrance, Manasi Bunglow, Lonavla

Entrance, Manasi Bunglow, Lonavla

On a crisp Saturday morning we set out on a road trip with our 10 month old. After a long week we were looking forward to one full day amidst nature and tranquility. We reached Lonavla by afternoon and after a little asking around, followed a tiny path that lead us to a beautiful Bunglow named Manasi. As soon as you enter through the gates the greenery makes you happy. Manicured lawns with lot of open space for kids to play and run around was a welcome sight.

The Bungalow has two tastefully done rooms and a huge hall. It’s apt for a family trip where all you want to do is relax, play board games and have long conversations, basically things we hardly have time for in Mumbai. The Bunglow has a resident lady cook who will make your favourite comfort food with fresh produce from the local market. If you are visiting with very small children, it’s advisable to carry food for them. The caretaker of the Bunglow, a sweet lad named Aakash organised little things for us when required.

After a short stroll in the evening we got back to the Bunglow and enjoyed some gupshup and adrak ki chai sitting on the lush green grass. That was pure bliss! Our baby girl was more than happy crawling around and exploring nature so up close.


These little luxuries that we miss in our busy, mundane lives in the city, made our short trip a memorable one.

Quick tip:
– Carry phone chargers, medicines, baby food etc as those things are not easily available around the Bunglow.
– Carry board games or outdoor games with you and make the most of the open spaces.
– place an order with the resident cook in the morning itself so that your entire day’s meals are sorted. Do try the parathas for breakfast, they are delicious!

Mansi Bunglow, Lonavla is an abode of peace and tranquility and will definitely rejuvenate your mind.